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Loess Hills State Forest

Iowa's newest state forest is located in western Iowa in Harrison and Monona counties. Currently the forest is 9,080 acres in size. When acquisition is complete, it will be approximately 20,000 acres.

Loess Hills are a unique geographical formation that reaches its fullest development only in western Iowa and China. The hills are composed of finely ground wind blown silt from glacial deposits. As the glaciers melted, the Missouri Valley became a major channel for enormous quantities of water. Each winter as the glacial melt waters froze, large areas of flood deposited sediments were left exposed to the wind. Silt, clay, and fine sand from these areas were lifted and blown to the east and deposited in the dune like hills we see today.

The forest is open to hunting except for areas within 200 yards of residences and the headquarters area.  Hiking and cross-county skiing is also available.

The Preparation Canyon Unit has a small lake with good fishing. An overlook on the north edge provides a spectacular view of the forest.

Preparation Canyon State Park is located on the northeast corner of the unit. The park offers picnicking, hiking and backpack trails with campsites.

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